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Breaking news: “IAC, the owner of Tinder, acquired LastQuake after Croatians started getting to know each other through comments!” says Ivan Brezak Brkan in April 1st Paper : IAC, vlasnik Tindera, akvizirao LastQuake nakon što su se Hrvati počeli upoznavati putem komentara!

And you have you ever found love thanks to LastQuake? We’d be thrilled to hear your stories :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great April Fool :fish: :heart_eyes_cat:

But I’m sure LastQuake may have created some love stories! We just don’t know it yet…

And here is the English translation:

IAC, the owner of Tinder, acquired LastQuake after Croatians started getting to know each other through comments!


In Croatia, in places of dense population and a large number of tremors due to earthquakes, an interesting phenomenon has occurred - the social aspect of the application that monitors earthquakes has been cultivated! Her rise did not miss Tinder’s key people.

Ružica M. and Drago Z. did not expect the fear of the earthquake to introduce them to a soul mate, but this is just one of the stories given by the IAC VP of Mergers and Acquisitions, Scott Holland, as an example of why this company, otherwise the owner of the dating platforms Tinder , OkCupid and , decided to acquire an application for tracking and reporting earthquakes:

In earthquake situations (sorry for the trick, but you have to admit it’s good) people are looking for closeness and we haven’t seen that anywhere else more than in the Balkans due to a series of earthquakes. Millennials all over Croatia and the region quarrel, and then meet and start conversations on other platforms thanks to the shared traumatic experience of the earthquake they share through comments on LastQuake.

Recall, the founders of LastQuake from the non-profit association EMSC commented for Netokracija that over 115 thousand users through a large number of earthquake reports, but also comments created a lot of pressure on their application. Only after the first earthquake in Zagreb, LastQuake counted over 30 thousand comments !

Ruzica’s and Draga’s story is just one of many that began in LastQuake’s comments.

The Secretary General of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), Rémy Bossuo , then commented:

It seems that these comments can help people overcome the trauma of the earthquake. Some will joke and others will not appreciate jokes . In Croatia we were not too surprised because we saw similar things in Albania.

What seems to us is that in areas where there is a high population density and much later tremors - some users leave dozens of comments and the system evolves towards a kind of social platform.

From an earthquake app to a social network for - dating !

Indeed, recent earthquakes in the vicinity of Split show that users across the region are downloading LastQuake to be alerted in time to earthquakes - and potentially love. Scott agrees with Rémy’s claim that LastQuake has turned into a kind of social network:

Unlike Sparkle, but also our platforms, none have so effectively encouraged cross-border dating in an age of work from home like LastQuake. The metrics we’ve seen from LastQuake are similar to those of app growth we’ve already acquired like Tinder and we really believe, as absurd as it may be, that LastQuake will connect even more couples from the region, as the quakes unfortunately don’t stop. Let’s hope these tremors are just in the bedroom as soon as possible!

Neither LastQuake nor EMSC wanted to comment on how much the app was acquired, although an anonymous source from one of the organizations mentioned that the amount would be 7.8 on the Richter scale !

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