Seismology in Nepal

Have you heard about a citizen seismology project called “seismology at school in Nepal” ?

Nepal, located above the convergent India-Eurasia plate boundary, has repeatedly experienced devastating earthquakes. Still, the general level of information about what a person should do in case of a seismic event is surprisingly low.

The majority of Nepal’s population has either a mythological perception or no clear idea about what causes earthquakes and what is the best behavior and practice to protect themselves

Therefore the project members decided to bring seismology in schools, help teachers with educational materials, but also… to instal a Raspberry Shake 1D in some schools !

This is an amazing projects and it works well !

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Have your heard about this AMAZING PREPAREDNESS song ?

The rythms will stick in your head, it’s complete, deals with all aspects of preparedness… it made me feel like going to Nepal AND getting ready for the next earthquake ! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Hello SeismoLaure,

thanks for posting about us in this forum. Here I’m also within the loop. We are aiming to extend the network across the country and seeking support.
I would be more than happy if you (we) spread this message. Please help us to save people from a big earthquake in Nepal. Link


A pleasure to share info about your project. If there is anyway lastquakers can help let us know!
And if you want to discuss citizen seismology we’re always thrilled :slight_smile:

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@Shibasubedi is the project only financed through donations? :scream:

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@Yann we have already installed 30 seismometers with our fundings (from University and other institutions) and now we are aiming to extend the network across the country where we suppose crowdfunding is one alternate to raise funds. It would be nice if you can spread this news to your contact list.


@SismoLaure It would be great if you share news about our crowdfunding campaign in your loop. Thanks for your words.

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