Earthquake Conjugate Point

Is there on the Earth’s surface the “Earthquake Conjugate Point” determined seismically?

Dear Valentin,
I’m not very familiar with that term, could you tell us more about it please?

No !

Do you mean a triple point where 3 plate boundaries come together (don’t think there are ever more than 3)? That would be interesting to look at from a relative movement and earthquake activity point of view (or maybe not if not much actually happens - I haven’t noticed one before / am writing this before researching - always dangerous!). Regards Dave

I can’t work out what that could mean.

Every earthquake will have an antipode - the point on the Earth’s surface geometrically opposite the focus of the earthquake - but that’s not likely to be very interesting, because the inhomogeneities of the Earth’s surface (and sub-surface) geology would prevent accurate focussing of earthquake wave energy at the antipode. Instead the energy would be dissipated over hundreds of km of distance and several hours of time (between the first-arrival of through-core waves and the last arrival of surface waves.

Is this perhaps something that Google Translate (“other translation engines are available”) threw back at you?