EMSC New services

Hey all :slight_smile:
At EMSC we launched two new services :slight_smile:
You can now get personalised information about felt earthquakes through the Telegram bot : https://t.me/lastquake_bot
You can also get more info on the new website : https://www.emsc-csem.org/

And we’re preparing a new version of the app for september, but that’s a secret :shushing_face:


Great news, Lauren!
Keep the good work
Best regards for all EMSC team

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Before , I used and was very happy with the extensions for chrome and mozilla browsers
β€˜β€™ Latest Earthquakes β€˜β€™ / β€˜β€™ All EMSC Earthquakes β€˜β€™ / β€˜β€™ AllQuakes β€˜β€™ obtained from the site www.emsc-csem.org …

I have a question , please - will the chrome or mozilla extensions from EMSC still work in the future ???

I kept the favorite extension " AllQuakes " from CSEM-EMSC , but from what I can see , the last update to it was made on November 24 , 2022 …

From june or july 2023 , I noticed that the extension is gray , before it appeared in blue . In the settings , all the extension options work , but I don’t know if it " still does its job "… my favorite extension β€˜β€™ AllQuakes β€˜β€™ for the mozilla browser on the computer .

Thank you in advance !