Citizen seismology in Haiti

Since 2018, EMSC is taking part in a citizen seismology project in Haiti :haiti:
The goal ? Implementing some low-cost seismic station at some volunteers’ house to

  • complement the national seismic network :hammer_and_wrench:
  • observe if it helps raising risk awareness and level of prepardness :rescue_worker_helmet:

you can learn more about the project here :

Have you heard of similar citizen seismology project ? Would you like to become such a citizen seismologist ?
Let me know :slight_smile:


You can learn more about how we use Raspberry Shake for this project in Haiti here :

A complete blogpost to understand it all !!


Hi there!

I am in Suva, Fiji Islands and have been inspired to conduct a similar project here for my island. I currently have an RS4D at home in Suva, and I have purchased 2 more RS1Ds to deploy around in neighbouring towns. The main reason is because we have frequent small tremors, which are never reported by our local agency, therefore, I thought of this initiative to proactive and create our own information. It is also a terrific way to increase community awareness and knowledge on the earthquake hazards we face.

This will leave me with 3 RS stations as well as the IRIS station located in the middle of the island (MSVF). Hopefully, these 4 stations combined will be able to locate some of these tremors we have been feeling.

The map from the Haiti project is very simple and informative. How was this created?

Thank you, Vik.


Hey Vik :slight_smile:
This is a very interesting and powerful initiative !!
Indeed, it’s always important to collect information and have it embodied locally through these “small boxes”. I hope you’ll succeed in raising awareness in your community.

Which map are you talking about?
Let us know if you need more info :slight_smile:
Also there are plenty to Members of the lastquaker community who also have RS or are willing to get one so feel free to exchange experience here :slight_smile:


Well actually, I wanted to know about station spacing and magnitude thresholds. For example, in the photo below I have pinpointed my current station in Suva, a current IRIS station to the north and the two proposed RS1D stations in Navua to the west and Nausori to the east. This forms somewhat of a triangle as you can see. Within this triangle there are numerous active faults that produce several tremors per month - I assume between M2-3. Will these 4 stations, based at these distances be able to capture these small tremors well?

Also in terms of computing locations and magnitudes, is SWARM a good software or are there other options?

Thank you!

not being an expert I wouldn’t be able to answer precisely the question. Maybe @Shibasubedi you’d know more about that ?


I am already a citizen seismologist thanks to Raspberry Shake . :slight_smile:

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Raspberry shake is a great community <3

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