Difference Between Blasting and Earthquakes

How to Differentiate the Blasting Wave and An Earthquake Wave ??

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Waveforms generated by an earthquake and an explosion are very different because the source mechanisms are differents.
Earthquake waveforms contains P (longitudinal - similar to acoustic waves) and S (Transverse) waves while explosion waves are mostly dominated by P waves.


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Hey @Seismo2 I also found that on Twitter, thought it could help :

Blasts often have these attributes:
• signal coda: a ‘big’ P arrival, can be bigger than the S, and obvious surface waves

• event time: mine blasts are often during the day on the hour or half-hour. And location? 0 km depth at a mine site is obviously a dead giveaway


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An interesting fact that make you smile :
A Gender reveal party using 80 pounds of explosives has set off earthquake reports :sweat_smile:

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