M5.9 in Tajikistan - 21-02-12

A 5.9 earthquake just hit Tajikistan.
In punjab people are reported to come out of their houses in Amritsar following tremors in the state.

Read eyewitnesses on EMSC’s sites: Earthquake - Magnitude 5.9 - TAJIKISTAN - 2021 February 12, 17:01:35 UTC

If you’re in the area and have questions, feel free to ask !
If you want to share your testimony, we’ll be happy to read it and help as we can.

Stay safe :pray:

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I have processed this Earthquake at my Station and I got 6.5L magnitude… what is the reason in that difference??

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Hi Seismo2,
which kind of magnitude are you calculating? The one calculated by the EMSC is the Mw.
Best regards.


We have short period SS1 ranger sensors