M.6 earthquake in India - April 28th 2021

Early morning a M6 earthquake struck Assam in India. It is strong enough to have caused localized damage in the first few tens of km.
Video shows that liquefaction has taken place (Baska, 110km from epicenter) : 2021-04-28 Mw 6.1 ASSAM, INDIA

More video available on Twitter also: https://twitter.com/hindu_sain/status/1387270392272719872?s=20

This earthquake struck while India is already facing a dramatic situation due to COVID. So far there has been no reports of casualties and hope this will be confirmed. Our thoughts are with you in Assam. Stay safe :pray:

If you have any questions regarding liquefactions or the earthquake, we’re here to help :heart:

Tremblor has made a blog post in Hindi if you want to know more about the earthquake and share it with your concerned relatives: भूकंप के तेज झटको से हिला असम - Temblor.net


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