Earthquake in music in croatia

Vitomir Ivanjek continues to play piano during an earthquake in Croatia today (around 7:50 am). This is from the show Good Morning, Croatia (Dobro Jutro, Hrvatska).

Beautiful moment in stressful time
By Nino kadic!


Our government is doing nothing. Red Cross is not providing people. They are on their own. In fact people of Croatia stood up and are helping people with basic needs food and water. Giving houses to them and mobile homes. People of Croatia WE ARE STRONG!


The same situation in Turkey! Central government and local municipality are in deep contrast despite many of building were ruined after 6.9 earthquake, 31november2020. The society should force accountability of managers, I think. Local or central, all managers must help people and learn to work together.


Because we link music and earthquakes here, have you checked the interview of Lucy Jonses ? The Beyoncé of earthquakes?

It’s very informative and I love the way she kindly tries to calm things down : yes, we have more chances to suffer from a car accident than die in an earrthquake !