What to do after an earthquake

Okay… so I heard about the earthquake in Croatia… (all my thoughts go to you :pray:) and I was wondering… what should we do after an earthquake ?
Is that just "drop cover and hold on’ ? Is there something else ?


Experiencing an earthquake can be scary: you may fear for your life and the lives of the people around you. Since no one can predict with certainty when an earthquake will happen, it is important that everyone gets prepared in advance.

During the earthquake
Wherever you are (inside, outside), take cover immediately. Move quickly to a nearby safe place.


  • doorways: doors may slam shut
  • windows: they can broke
  • elevators: in case of a power shutdown, you might get trapped inside
  • coastline: there might be a tsunamis

Small earthquake:

  • you may feel the shaking
  • shaking can last a few seconds
  • some minor rattling of objects may occur in your home

Large earthquakes:

  • you feel shaking, which can be violent

  • shaking can last up to several minutes

  • you may be unable to walk because of the ground shaking

  • objects could fall over the floor with violent force

  • windows may break

  • lights and power may go off

After an earthquake

  • stay calm, take care of yourself and the people around you if you are able
  • be prepared for aftershocks
  • follow the authorities’ information and instructions

I hope this helps ! Stay safe <3


@SismoLaure has described well about the safety…
Don’t be panic in an earthquake, and hide yourself under table then beams.