Have you been in an earthquake drill before ?

In many contries, since elementary school, children are taught how to respond to emergencies like earthquakes and fires. The primary goal of these drills is to help create an easy to remember yet life-saving physical response in case of a dire situation. Unfortunately, what these drills did not prepare children for what was the correct or safe mental response. Since emergencies can occur in many different situations and environments, how we mentally react in these situations has tremendous impact on our physical response. :point_down:

Learn more: https://safetymanagement.eku.edu/blog/mental-responses-during-emergencies/?fbclid=IwAR0YwESEJOzMwnsCI_ezMpPiiBj_Al3RoCcjt7Dglw2hRnZX7ZoyJIf5VgM

Have you ever participated in an earthquake drill? How useful was it? Tell us :star_struck:


yes i have

@iceninepiel9 How war it ? What did you do ? Do you think that what useful ? :slight_smile:

Yes for two years through the ShakeOut earthquake drill

Hi @volcanolgistKellieMyers :hugs:
Could you tell us more about the drill activities you were involved in ? :pray: Iā€™m all ears and excited to know more about that!