Why do you need my location ?

Quick question…
I’m using the app and it seems that you keep asking for my location… why do you need it exactly ?
I alway prefer to know before I share that…


Hey @Bakou9
Thanks for asking :hugs:

I know location can be a delicate information to share… but we need it for your own good : provide you with the most precise and timely information… in order to reassure you and your relatives !

Let me explain more :arrow_down_small:

A massive increase of traffic, suddenly detected on the websites (classic and mobile), on the LastQuake app, or on Twitter, means an earthquake might have occurred and been felt by the population in a specific area.

To constrain the earthquake location and provide a rapid estimate of the earthquake epicenter, the EMSC seismologists need your location, which can be:

  • your IP address, if you are visiting the classic website
  • your mobile phone location, if you are visiting the mobile website or LastQuake app
  • a descriptive location in your twitter profile (i.e., city, country), if you are looking for the word ‘earthquake’ (or its translations in several languages) on Twitter.

If you felt an earthquake, you are an earthquake witness and can act as a seismic sensor for the EMSC seismologists and the community. By visiting our websites, by tweeting or by launching the app, you can immediately report the time and location of the earthquake.

Our crowdsourcing tools are praised for their high quality, reliability and accuracy. Among them, the LastQuake mobile app stands out as the most efficient tool, both in terms of rapidity and ease of use.

I hope this helps and if you have other questions… please ask ! We’re always happy to help :wink: