Does the app work globally ?

I downloaded the app and I think it’s great, but does it work globally ? I’d like to send it to my family abroad !


Hey Laurent_88,
Yes indeed, the app works globally… :globe_with_meridians: at least if there are some sensors of members of the LastQuake community to report the earthquake !

We can identify three scenarios :

  1. it’s a felt earthquake, meaning that some people felt it and reported through the Lastquake system (app/website) AND the sensors in the region detected it also : In that case we have a complete information and we can map where it has been felt

  2. sensors detected it but it wasn’t felt (because noone lives there, or because it was too small for instance), in that case we only have seismic data but no testimonies (as noone felt it)

  3. People felt it but sensors didn’t detected it (because they were too far for instance), in that case LastQuake will display the felt map but no information about magnitude or epicenter location for instance.

In short : as long as there are people using LastQuake OR sensors, you’ll get the information you need !

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It does !!

Check out the map of all the felts earthquake detected by LastQuake in 2019

It seems to work in all seismic area :star_struck: