LastQuake, your data and privacy 🔒

Wondering how LastQuake use your data, why and how we respect your privacy?
You’re at the right place !

So any questions ?


Soooo let me be 1st ! :blush:

What kind of data do you collect through the app to detect earthquakes?

If we consider only earthquake detection, all we need is your location :pushpin:
The more user who share their localisation with us, the more precise the detection can be!

But of course we don’t track you !

When you leave a comment or picture you can leave an e-mail adress but that’s not mandatory. We’ll use it to contact you if we have some scientific questions about your contribution

And in compliance with the GDRP (the General Data Protection Regulation) you can ask us to delete data that

And the pictures, are they geolocated as well?

If you send a picture through the app with your localisation on, then yes.
And that’s actually very helpful for seismologists to know where damages are. It can also potentially help emergencies to send rescue teams if necessary.

So because it can be of great help we encourage all LastQuake user to turn on their localisation if they can.

And remember: we value the data that are shared with us. But, most importantly, we value the fundamental rights and freedoms of the persons that are related to that data. Hence, we keep all personal information private and secure under the GDPR (hyperlink: ).

We do not share, sell, or trade your personal information with anyone.

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im okay with your data policy thanks… a small prob though with scrolling down on the new ‘significant earthquake’ page it wont go further than what is shown… there was another emsc page and not the classic page either i cannot find that now… it was suitable as i could scroll back for three to four weeks… i collect the data for university projects concerning perigee - apogee… full moon - no moon… north - south lunar declination tables… etc thanks always referencing the sources including this emsc site… many thanks for a fine truly humanitarian organisation you have


Thanks for your kind message @iceninepiel9
are you referring to the emsc website ? for desktop or for mobile? I’ll check with the IT service what we can do!


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