Earthquake observations by citizen scientists

EMSC reported a M2.2 earthquake at 10:27 on 11th October at location 46.654N, 0.243W and depth 5 km, 94 km SSE of Angers, France. I tried plotting this event with data from seismometers in Brittany and Cornwall UK and found the data shown at the expected arrival times on our seismometers fitted much better with an event which I think was located north of Brest at about 10:37:40, located near the other events there on the same day, so close to 48.7N and 4.4W. Is this a different event? Perhaps have I mis-identified a blast of some description. An event fitting our data in Cornwall does not appear on EMSC or on the BGS seismology sites, unless I am mistaken. Is this a suitable place to report this observation?

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At this date and time, we only have this earthquake:

I don’t think it is the one you’re referring to ?
Can you send me the link where you saw this eartquake ?
It could have been deleted since…
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