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Welcome to LastQuakers ! Here you can discuss about earthquakes you felt, exchange ideas, questions and answers about seismology. In case of damaging earthquakes find support and provide assistance to those who need it. And most importantly you’ll meet the amazing LastQuakers community !


Muchas gracias, un saludo

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Thanks !
Why not add the Nepali Language as well?


We’d be happy to but we’d need a translator for that ! :nerd_face:

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I would be more than happy to help with translation.


Hello everyone. I am new to the group and excited to be here!


welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

i have a question

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so we heard about the canary island grid pattern of las palmas of earthquakes and the plan of creating a super tsunami to take out 100 million americans so that martial law could go into effect.

Dear @mermaidquake, welcome on LastQuakers and thank you for your question. Actually the grid is an artefact and we explain why here : La Palma - grid
If you want to see a more precise map you can check the local authorities. So please be assured that there is no risk of super tsunami which would threat americans or any other citizen from other nationality. Even if the EMSC map looks, indeed, weird, this rumour is not true and these earthquakes are linked to the volcano activity and totally natural.
I hope this helps and reassure.

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Thank you, i am know from This Forum, about 10 minutes ago, thats an good idea. Hope it give in a time an German Board too.

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Καινούργιος από Ελλάδα, και ενθουσιασμένος που έκανα εγγραφή.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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can you add Romanian category?

we are in the red spot and we have a lot of earthquakes lately, more than usually.

thank you.

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Hi ! We can totally do that but we need an administrator that makes sure content is appropriate on the page. We can discuss in MP if you are willing to do so :slight_smile:

Hello, Simso!

Sure, why not.


The EMSC website was updated on Monday, 27th June 2023, and during this day the RSS feeds from EMSC stopped working. Does anyone know if the EMSC RSS feeds have been cancelled, changed to another feed address, or will they re-start again?

They used to exist here on the old website: https://www.emsc-csem.org/service/rss/ The page is not working or redirecting to a new page.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what this page looked like.

It is unlikely that we resume the RSS feed, we will probably implement a new way to share real time data, more robust and accurate.
In the meantime, our data are available from our seismicportal at SeismicPortal - Standing order web services demonstration
Please be sure that we will do our best to take into accounts improvements requests and take the time to visit it in the future as we will try to address the main complaints

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Useful links - WEB - earthquake notifications and alerts for Romania - updated list 1 august 2023 :

1 - Telegram Web sau Telegram Web

2 - Telegram Web sau Telegram Web

3 - Telegram Web sau Telegram Web

4 - Telegram: Contact @alertaCutremur ( pentrut abonare la alerta folositi @alertaCutremur_bot )

5 - Telegram Web ( alerta cutremure magnitudine intre 5.0 si 6.0 )

6 - Telegram Web ( alerta cutremure magnitudine intre 6.0 si 7.0 )

7 - Telegram Web ( alerta cutremure magnitudine intre 7.0 si 8.0 )

8 - EarthBot sau Redirecting... .

9 - Join conversation ( EarthBot prin Skype )

10 - http://alerta.infp.ro/ ( din 2017 nu s-au mai observat alerte sonore ca inainte ) pentru Vrancea

11 - https://twitter.com/earthbotro sau https://mobile.twitter.com/earthbotro

12 - https://twitter.com/rews_infp sau https://mobile.twitter.com/rews_infp

13 - https://twitter.com/cutremurinfo sau https://mobile.twitter.com/cutremurinfo

14 - https://twitter.com/incdfp ( aici sunt notificari si pentru alte seisme din lume ) sau https://mobile.twitter.com/incdfp

15 - Messenger

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