Earthquakes in croatia : M6.4 and others

On December 29th a M6.4 hit Croatia, causing severe damages, 7 victims and many injured people.

The number of users who contributed to the detection and to help us understand the situational awareness is stunning ! On this map you can see 15 732 felt reports provided by citizens following the mainshock !

You can find more information about the seismic activity related to this earthquakes and the 291 (!) aftershocks on this special page we created on the website :

During the period our servers have, unfortunately, crashed several times due to overloads. We of course apologise for the inconvenience and wanted to assure you that our team is doing its best to restaure full services everytime it happens.

We know earthquakes can be scarry, especially after having experienced such a big one, so if you need any assistance, emotional support, or information, the LastQuakers community is here to help.
Do not hesitate to share your experience, ask question about LastQuake or about earthquakes in general, we’ll be there for you !

Take care of yourself and your relatives, stay safe and we wish you a happy and safe year ! :heart:


I found this article quite informative as well :


And because you may want to access info in Croatian :croatia:, here’s an article to know more about the EMSC team who’s working to provide you with timely info about earthquakes you feel :


Wanna know about the fault rupture for the earthquake ? it’s all explained in this article :


Also this video on with Rémy Bossu, explaining how EMSC dealt with the earthquakes in Croatia :

It’s in English with subtitles in Croatian !

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An aftershock has just occurred, services may be slow due to trafic increase !
If you have questions please ask !


To keep going with the great interviews : check out this one with the Beyoncé of earthquakes : Lucy Jones !
You’ll get tons of information about what happened in Petrinja, what’s the difference between earthquake prediction and early warning, and also she kindly reminds us that it’s normal to be afraid but we’re often too much afraid compared to the real risk that we die in an earthquake…compared to dying from a car accident !

For those who don’t know yet who she is :They Call Her ‘the Beyoncé of Earthquakes’: An Interview With Lucy Jones - The New York Times


Great news for Croatia: Croatia’s Seismological Service has received 20 sets of new seismographs and accelerographs worth HRK 4.5 million
This week they will be used to collect earthquake data in the areas struck by the recent devastating earthquakes !!

YES getting tools to measure seismic activity is key to know more about the earthquakes in the region and to prevent them !!


To complete the series of ressources about the earthquake: this article about seismic and social impact of the earthquake by Javier Ojeda; Seismology | Earthquake Watch December: Petrinja Mw 6.4


On this video you can see the fault rupture in a snowy field next to #petrinja :

Quite impressive !


We’ve just pblished a short article to tell you how your data were used during the Petrinja earthquake and how we tried to help you throughout the crisis to always provide timely information!
Check it out, it’s on the Rise project website : RISE | News