M6.3 Greece - March 3rd - Picture location needed !

Dear LastQuakers,
I hope everyone in Greece is fine following the many earthquakes of today.
We know there has been some damages caused by the 6.3 and we received some pictures that we can’t locate :pensive:

Would you happen to know where these picture could have been taken? Of course we know it’s inside a building and probably difficult to identify but let’s see what the magic of LastQuakers can do! :sparkles: :sparkles:

Please let us know if you have any clue about that:
Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Thank you so much in advance for your very valuable help ! :pray:


We received a new picture that you may help us to locate.

Have you an idea where this church is ? :pleading_face:


This church is apparently in ‘Koutsochero’ near the city of Larissa


Thank you so much Detective Daphne :pray:

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I heard there were some liquefaction because of the earthquake. Did you guys get any pictures about that ???

For those who may be interested : https://neoskosmos.com/en/187013/more-aftershocks-expected-in-central-greece-experts-warn/

Here are some pictures of liquefaction posted by Sotis Valkaniotis on Twitter:

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