M5.4 in Iran February 17th: help us locate these pictures

Hey LastQuakers we need your help !!
[WARNING: this post contains pictures of damaged buildings and may shock some of you]

Following the M5.4 that occured in Iran few days ago we received many pictures of damages !
Unfortunatelly these were not located so we’re wondering if you could help us spot where these pictures were taken from :smiley:

Here are the pictures :

Pitcures #1 #2 and #3 seem to be at the same place :

Picture #4:

Picture #5:

Picture #6:

If you have any idea where that can be please tell us, and do not hesitate to share with your relatives who may know the area.
As a reminder here’s the map on the earthquake

Getting a location for the picture could help researchers to know more about the region’s seismicity and assess potential damages. It will therefore contribute risk reduction.

We thank you very much in advance for your help !


Pic#5 is from the Elazig 2020 earthquake in Turkey, not the M5.4 event in Zagros.

Pic#4 is from the Payame Noor University (Sisakht Branch) and here is its approximate location:
30.8624248 51.4545412

Pitcures #1 #2 and #3: And locations of the Fish Farms in Sisakht, they are all on a line approximately and pics 1 to 3 should be one of these farms:
30.845245988187695, 51.474637925745405
30.85143516057739, 51.48464354514472
30.843451441432745, 51.47157754493182

Pic6: No clue


@Seismo thank you so much for this piece of information :pray: :pray: :pray:
This is so valuable to us !!!

How did you find out ?
I’m also intrigued in how you spoted the Elazig earthquake picture

Thanks again for your help :star_struck: :heart:

Well done @Seismo !!!

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Honestly I had no idea fish farms looked like that!
We learn really many things thanks to citizen seismology :sweat_smile: :joy:

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