A vulcano still can stop an earthquake techincally by emptying it’s overload to the surface and blocking the explosion. This means that techincal the earthquake get’s undone by a vulcano.

Moderator attention. FML. haha.

Hello Heartfelt

I am part of the EMSC (European Mediterranean Seismological Center) team that created this forum and one of its moderators.

I have removed the topic “Earthquake 100% chance” from the forum, a topic you initiated about an alleged earthquake prediction, right?

In fact, earthquakes are (unfortunately) impossible to predict: we don’t have the necessary knowledge, and we don’t have the necessary instruments either.

At EMSC, we strive to provide reliable and accurate information about earthquakes. But also to educate people who may be unfamiliar with the world of seismology, precisely to avoid believing false information (such as earthquake predictions). The dissemination of inaccurate information about seismic events poses a significant threat to public safety, exacerbates anxiety, and can even impede effective emergency response efforts…

That is why such a topic has no place on the forum. I hope that didn’t upset you and that you now understand why.

Regarding your claim that “a volcano undoes an earthquake”, I’ve never heard anything like that, what are the sources or references for this?

No, i actually don’t understand how this help for earthquake helps out.
Hoping won’t save you and him of them expect if you don’t need help.

Especially if you disagree at the moment i don’t understand what you talk about being upset.
Your website has no purpose? your website should be quiet? and once to think about good you let people act like they care to your amusement?

Don’t try to diss me because i know better what quakes inside you, first rule second sentence.
It is simple to follow block chains and it won’t disimplify against the truth.

Hopefully you will or not understand, I am here simply to report your website in excuse advantage for 3th party clients.