Active Volcanoes imagery

Hi EMSC team, and everyone else here in the Forum.
Could EMSC be interested in active volcanoes imagery around the world? I work in satellite remote sensing and in my activity I happen to get fresh imagery of volcanic activities often related to earthquakes, I am tagging you on twitter recently about volcaninc eruptions. Could EMSC be interested in having/publishing such kind of imagery??? I mention here @SismoLaure because I see her active on the latest posts of the forum.
I read in the intro page that EMSC is interested also in volcanoes stuff.




Dear Antoveco,
Our main activity is to gather information related to earthquakes, therefore we do not have the means and resources to process this imagery, unfortunately.
However, I’m sure it could be of interest for the LastQuakers community, therefore you can still share that on the forum if you wish to do so.
Indeed you’re right, volcanic activity is often linked to earthquake activity, so it’s very relevant to this forum ! :smiley:


I would be interested in the satellite imagery of the volcano pavlof on that Alaskan archipelago

My email is

Alan Kaufman

Hi Alan,
I’m not too sure where you can find them, but maybe some people from the community would know that better than me ?