What does safety culture means to you?

If we say Safety culture, what does it mean to you?
Do you feel ready in case an earthquake happens? Have you ever reported structures problems from a building for instance? Do you trust authorities?

You can learn more about that through the core project :https://www.euproject-core.eu/

tell us what you think !

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Sure. I, too, can say that we need to build a kind of culture for daily life. I only get anxiety or panic attack at the end, if I don’t experience how to behave during urgency and not get prepared for any disaster. Building culture also consists of leaving some traditions by replacing new scientific approaches.

In Turkey, there are lots of earthquakes, but the authorities take very less action or nothing. Already social movement ability/literacy is low overall. When I talk about any issue, authorities think that I am only blaming them in a destructive way or they politicize the topic. I just want to stop wasting time. Some steps are clear to recover our losts, rebuild our cities, maintain social balance between all layers of community. Turkey has much long distances to go…

Building a core community for nation-wide has a lot of advantages. After Japan earthquake, queueing for food, water, etc. was an indicator at least. The neighbor jobs were well defined before. Everybody knew their own duty, what to do next, how to reach crisis center and report…

edit: I read the paper Investigating the role of citizens’ trust during and after emergencies . I understood that trusting your community and authorities plays a vital role.

“Trust in both authorities and experts plays a key role, influencing not only risk perception but also preparedness for disasters.”[1]


  1. https://civil-protection-knowledge-network.europa.eu/stories/investigating-role-citizens-trust-emergencies-core-project
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Yes indeed (and great thta you read the paper from the Core project :))
Although I guess trust in the authorities needs to be earned sometimes

Also I completed the survey. I agree with you about trust can be earned. It is measurable by a simple survey. And it should be measured by an independent institution.